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How to send your Vigil for Service

Getting your Vigil AAD serviced is a breeze, and it only involves a few easy steps. Here's how to proceed:

1. Access our Return Merchandise Authorization Forms (RMA) 

2. Complete the RMA form in full before sending your Vigil AAD unit to us for service.

3. After successfully submitting the form, you'll receive an email containing your RMA Form in PDF form.

4. Please take a moment to print out this PDF and include it along with your Vigil AAD when you send it to us.


In case you do not receive the email containing your RMA Form, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

To ensure the secure and traceable shipment of your unit, we strongly recommend utilizing a trusted courier service such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. This choice not only guarantees traceability but also ensures that you will receive timely delivery notifications for added peace of mind.


Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your Vigil AAD remain our top priorities, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Europe & Rest of the World

AAD nv/sa - Advanced Aerospace Designs 

220 Luikersteenweg, 3700, Tongeren,  Belgium


United States, Canada, Central & South America

Vigil America, Inc

1400 Flightline Blvd suite "C"

Deland, FL  32724 - USA


Australian Customers

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Downward Trend, led by Brett Newman, to enhance the efficiency of shipping Vigils for servicing from Australia to our facility in Belgium. Should you prefer to bypass the complexities of handling export paperwork and expedite the shipping time, Downward Trend can offer assistance in this regard. After completing the RMA Form, you can opt to ship your unit to them for further handling.


Downward Trend

3 Storie Street, Clontarf, QLD, 4019

Phone: 0400 011 331


For countries outside EU shipping to our Belgium location

We highly advise opting for UPS as your courier service. It tends to be more cost-effective, faster, and reliable. Lately, we've encountered issues and substantial custom charges with packages from outside the EU. Should you choose not to use UPS, we can't ensure proper handling or timely delivery. Additionally, there may be an invoice for custom administration costs.

If you are sending your Vigil to our Belgium location, please email with the tracking number of your shipment. Use your RMA Number in the subject line.

If you are using Downward Trend to send your Device to Belgium, no email is required.

Firmware Information:

Firmware upgrade units with SN > #11800 are by default Vigil Cuatro (4 modes)

Firmware upgrade units with SN < #11800 are by default Vigil Multimode (3 modes)

Upgrades are only available for Vigil II and Vigil 2+ units.

Service Information & Cost:

Battery Replacement, Full Service + Updates Firmware

€150 (US$160)

Vigil batteries are under warranty until 5 years or 2000 jumps (whichever comes first).


Full service + Upgrade firmware, No battery replacement:

€95 (US$100)

Vigil batteries with a DOM before OCT 2018 have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Vigil batteries with a DOM from OCT 2018 and later have an expected lifespan of 12 years.


General Repair:

Price will be determined after analyses of the device.


Vigil I Exchange:

Vigil I units can be exchanged for a new Vigil Cuatro at a discounted price.

The exchange prices are:

DOM 2004 at €950 (US$1070*)

DOM 2005 at €900 (US$1010*)

DOM 2006 at €850 (US$950*)

DOM 2007 at €800 (US$890*)

* US dollar price is subject to quarterly adjustments.


Price will be determined after analyses of the device

All prices exclude any taxes, duties, and shipping.

Life-Save Activation:


In the event of a Life-Save activation, a complimentary replacement cutter will be supplied, subject to the following conditions and approval by AAD:


1. Submit a Completed Life-Saving Report:

If you did not provide activation information in the RMA form, it is imperative that you submit a comprehensive life-saving report. This report can be submitted conveniently on our website at the following link: Life-Saving Report Submission.


2. Submit a Downloaded Jump Graph:

To facilitate the processing of your Life-Save activation, we kindly request that you submit a downloaded graph of the jump. This graph is a crucial piece of information. However, if you encounter difficulties in obtaining the jump graph, you have the option to send your unit directly to A.A.D. or Vigil America for further assistance.


At Vigil, we take the safety and well-being of our customers seriously, and our commitment extends to providing the necessary support in life-saving situations.

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