Life Saving Report Example

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Date: 11 Sept. 2004
Location: Moorsele, BELGIUM
AAD: VIGIL # 601 in PRO mode without altitude correction

Description of the jump

Due to the re-acceleration at 350m, Vigil recorded 2 consecutive graphs (n°41, 42).

Graph n° 41 looks as a normal freefall. *

  • Jump out the plane ± 4000m followed by a freefall of 58 sec, starting at 3816m. **
  • The main canopy opened at ± 900m, with a deceleration from ± 240km/h to ± 50km/h in ± 3 sec from ± 66m/sec to ± 14m/sec.
  • Remark: the final falling speed of ± 14m/s was twice the normal falling speed of ± 7m/s and the skydiver had still a falling speed of more than 50km/h under the open canopy. **

Graph n° 42 is the continuation of jump 41. *

  • The record of the graph started at ± 425m with a falling speed of ± 65km/h. **
  • At ± 350m the graph stated an acceleration (spinning) followed by the cut-away at ± 290m with a falling speed of ± 32m/s.
  • About 1 sec later, the falling speed exceeded 35m/s and crossed the activation speed line at an altitude of ± 220m.
  • 5/8 of a sec later, a new freefall was stated. Time=0 on graph.
  • At 212 m or 1/8 of a sec later, the cutter was activated.

Thanks to this patented calculation method, the Vigil activated its cutter to release the reserve in less than 1 sec, with a tolerance of only 8 meters! The result was that the falling speed was reduced to a normal ± 7m/s at an altitude of 90m and the skydiver landed safely. **

* See joint graphs (n°41 + 42).
** Graph record starts 7 sec before the falling speed exceeds 35m/s and stops 12 sec after the end of the freefall.


Those 2 graphs, downloaded from Vigil memory, prove that the Vigil did its job perfectly.

Graph legend

The graphs can be read using the following legend:

  • The GREEN line is the altitude in meters or feet.
  • The GREEN horizontal line is the preset activation altitude linked to the chosen mode.
  • The RED line is the speed used by Vigil in km/h, mph, m/s or ft/s.
  • The RED horizontal line is the preset activation speed linked to the chosen mode.
  • The YELLOW line is the filtered speed, just to give the average falling speed during the freefall as info.
  • The RED dot: detection of the freefall (min. 5/8 sec above activation speed).
  • The YELLOW dot: detection end of the freefall (min. 5/8 sec under activation speed).
  • The BLUE dot: activation of the Vigil.
  • The Vigil starts to record grafically in memory 7 sec before start of freefall and stops 12 sec after end of freefall.

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