Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the needed precautions when transporting a Vigil in a vehicle?

Vigil is the most accurate AAD on the market. It becomes operational in a zone of 150ft/46m above or under takeoff level. To avoid unexpected firing, you must switch OFF your Vigil before traveling in a closed vehicle (boot or trunk) due to possible air pressure variation.

What is the scheduled maintenance on the Vigil®?

The actual technologic evolution is our partner. As in modern cars, no maintenance is required with regards to the electronic components, unless a red flashing signal appears on the dashboard. The Vigil® concept works in the same way. When you switch the unit on, it performs all necessary internal checks on all parameters automatically. If one parameter is out of specifications or the unit senses an anomaly, the LCD will indicate the error in clear language on the screen and will not switch on. In that event a factory check up is mandatory.

What is the Vigil® life expectancy?

The Vigil® main components such as cutter and electronic components are designed to have a life expectancy of 20 years from the Date Of Manufacture. It is a third millennium safety device with no imposed maintenance schedule (can be compared to airbag electronics in high class car which will only need maintenance when a red flash indicates the abnormal status).

For your information we produce electronic systems used in industrial automations for more than 25 years and these are still in operation today.

What is the warranty period of the Vigil®?

The Vigil® is supplied with a two (2) year full warranty if the Q.C hologram seal has not been damaged or removed.

Should I choose Vigil 2+ multimode or Vigil 2+ Xtreme?

We understand your concern with regards to the use of AAD’s during high speed landings, but first we would like to explain the working principles and functionality of the Vigil 2+ Xtreme.

A Vigil Multimode in “PRO” setting will activate when reaching a measured rate of descent of 35 meter/sec in the activation zone. A Vigil Xtreme requires 43 meter/sec in the activation zone.

When a skydiver enters the activation zone at terminal velocity, this would not make a difference, and both units will activate at the same time. However, when a malfunction would occur, and the skydiver needs to cut away his main, it will take longer to reach the activation speed of a Vigil Xtreme than for a Vigil Multimode in “PRO” settings, especially when cutting away from a “spinning malfunction”!!

This is also the primary reason why VIGIL AAD has chosen for an activation speed of 43 meter/sec, and not 46 meter/sec as this may even cause longer delays.

By doing so, we do not wish to discourage you from choosing a Vigil Xtreme, we just want you to be aware of the required and increased activation speed on a Vigil Xtreme.

We leave the decision to use a Vigil xtreme up to each individual. We cannot determine remotely whether you can/will reach the required activation speed of a Vigil Multimode.

If you are planning to attend a skydiving event in the near future where a Vigil promoter is present, we can supply you with a test unit that can measure your vertical registered speed under canopy. This can give you a better idea on what type of measured speed you are generating under canopy and on landing.
The reading of a Dytter, Altitrack, or any other device is not comparable/reliable with the reading of a Vigil, as these devices are placed on a variety of different locations than a Vigil, and have a different algorithm and calculation compared to the reading of the Vigil AAD.

We hope we were able to provide you with some more in depth information, and to help you with the choice of your Vigil. If you should have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Technical or Rigging Related Questions

What’s the process after a cutter activation?

The Vigil® unit does not to be send back to the manufacturer for a cutter replacement (as stated above).

In case of an actual life save, a free replacement cutter will be provided under the following conditions and approval by AAD:

  • Submit a complete live saving report  https://www.vigil.aero/life-saving-report
  • Submit a downloaded graph of the jump (this information can be obtained by using an Infra Red Download Box, available at most larger dropzones, service centers or can be performed by AAD or Vigil America after sending the unit in).

How to replace the cutter, battery pack or LCD controller?

Only the cutter and controller unit can be replaced in the field.

This simple task can be performed by your local rigger or qualified reserve parachute packer, in 5 minutes. The procedure to follow is explained in §7 of the User’s Manual.

For the battery replacement please see new information here PRODUCT ADV 01-2017 and on the following page https://www.vigil.aero/power-pack

How to install the Vigil®?

This simple task can be performed by your local rigger as per the container manufacturer’s instructions.

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